10 Healthy Foods for Diabetic Patients

Food is one of important part which is should be controlled diabetic patients to keep their blood sugar levels stable. Diabetic patients must know which healthy foods can increase blood sugar levels and which can be reduce. Here we have some recomendation about healthy foods for diabetic patients. Pare Pare is used commonly as food … Read more

10 Comparison About Healthy Food Vs Cheap Food

Healthy Food Vs Cheap Food Comparison

What do you think about healthy food vs cheap food? When you want to consume healthy food, you do not need to buy the most expensive one, just choose the cheap food. But still remember that healthy food vs cheap food is recommend for you who have simple life style. Healthy foods are contain of … Read more

9 Best Healthy Foods for Liver

Best 9 Healthy Foods for Liver

Here we have some tips about healthy foods for liver. There are at least 12 healthy foods for liver that should you eat to keep your liver working in your body optimally healthy. Here’s the explanation. Oatmeal Oatmeal is healthy foods for liver which has complex carbohydrates (good carbs). ┬áComplex carbohydrates are digested slowly and … Read more

5 High Calorie Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

Best 5 High Calorie Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

High calorie healthy foods to gain weight are necessary for ┬ámost people who want to increase their weight, in a healthy way. But for another reason, thin people have a fast metabolism system, so it is sometimes very difficult for them to increase their weight. Many reasons why someone wants to gain their weight, their … Read more

5 Healthy Foods During Pregnancy

Best Healthy Foods During Pregnancy

Healthy foods during pregnancy are very important for every woman in their pregnancy time. A pregnant woman is not recommended to eat any foods without certain recomendation, because from food you eat, they affect your health and your baby health. If you are a pregnant woman, you should consume healthy food during pregnancy, and then … Read more