Healthy Food for You During Camping Activity

Food is an important energy source, when it comes to physical activity, and when we talk about activities such as camping, extra calories suddenly become more important than ever. Some people feel that brings a good amount of food will add their burden, and make the tedious journey. So they choose to bring food or frozen packed for a camping trip. What they fail to understand is, this is not a substitute for frozen foods healthy foods that you need to energize the body in a tight event. A little planning can help you in including some healthy foods in your camping breakfast food list, and ultimately make you happy campers, but still healthy.

There are some important things you need to consider while preparing your camping food list. The most important thing will be the duration of the camp. You list of camping food ideally should include foods which will stay fresh for a while. If the duration of your camping activities is over two days, it will be better to bring a cooler along with you. Remember that cooler is a must, when you are planning to carry meat or poultry. You also need to decide how you are going to cook the food; it will help you in choosing camping cookware you will need to bring. Water is another essential component of the camping food. Bring cooking equipments will help you to boil water. You can bring water purification tablets with you. Ideal camping breakfast food idea is where food can be prepared easily. Bring grill, will assist you in preparing for a full fledged meal, with meat and vegetables.

Do not forget there are some differences between hiking and camping. Hiking is relatively short in duration, and therefore you are able to maintain frozen and canned food while out hiking, but camping need long duration, and therefore you should prepare a list of your camping meals wisely. Here is a food item that will make a healthy and delicious camping food especially camping breakfast food.

There are several camping recipes which can be created with an item in the list mentioned above. Ideally, you should bring food that will stay fresh during the camping period. If you plan to include perishable foods in your camping food list, make sure that you bring a cooler. The food is well cooked in the slow heat.

  1. Fruits and vegetables. They are easy to store and carry moreover they are durable such potatoes, carrots, and eggplant.
  2. Rice, porridge, cereals including oatmeal. Cereals can be easily stored in a bag and carried. Oatmeal is healthy and very good at camping breakfast food menu.
  3. Fish and meat. If you cannot store them properly then do not carry them. It is better if you cook them first such as rending and fried chicken.
  4. Many beverages that you can bring such as tea, coffee and many more. Do not forget to vring sugar and water.
  5. Wheat bread. Besides wheat bread is not heavy to carry, has a high carbohydrate content, and durable. Wheat bread is kinds of camping breakfast food. Serve wheat bread like a sandwich with sausage, tuna, corned beef or chili sauce.
  6. There are two types of corned beef that can be taken, which is ready to eat and which need to be warmed. If you need to carry corned warmed, warmed it enough in the pot nesting and give sufficient water.
  7. Chili chicken tuna. Because tuna slices ready to eat. There are two types of chili chicken tuna; they are spicy and not spicy.

That is all about camping breakfast food, of course they are healthy food for you during camping activity.Make an unforgettable camping experience.

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