Healthy Fast Food Options for Lunch

Lunch at work is important because in addition to filling the stomach, lunch is also a time for your body to rest for a moment. Preferably, lunch is not done at the desk but you must move from the workbench and will help keep your body and mind refreshed and improves your mood.

You should decide healthy lunch as your menu. Its okay has lunch at a roadside restaurant. But, don’t do it every day because it is not good for your healthy. Eating outside is fine, but you must clever enough to choose healthy fast food options for lunch. Even healthy fast food is provided fiber, protein and carbohydrates. Good lunch menu is 50% fruits and vegetables, 25% protein and 25% carbohydrate.

Fast food for lunch becomes the most favourite option, because you don’t have any time to eat slowly. One of healthy fast food options for lunch is snacks. Snacks are favourite for  co-workers. Meanwhile for you who did diet can enjoy snacks. Choose healthy snack wich has high calories and don’t increase your fat. Menu of snack is such as potato, banana boiled, wheat crackers, yogurt or dark chocolate.

On the other hands, healthy fast food for lunch is tea and coffee.Tea and coffee are used to accompany your daily activity in the office. For some people sipping tea and coffee has become a habit. Consume tea or coffee is fine as long as not too much. Serving of tea or coffee is allowed is 1 teaspoon or coffee with a spoon and drink 2 cups a day. It would be better if it is not mixed with creamer or sugar because it will increase the calories.

Beside that, you have to determine what healthy fast food options for your lunch, which is has minimal risk to yourhealth. For example, choose a burger or grill meat instead of high-fat meat. So you have a deal which is beneficial to your health and appetite. In this case, you can reduce the food ingredients in your favorite fast food. For example, when you are buying a sandwich, you do not want to use mayonnaise, reduced cheese and so on. Thus you can reduce the materials are because they have high in fat or cholesterol.

Consume healthy food such as natural fresh fruits and vegetables. If you cannot get organic groceries, you can wash clean vegetables and fruit which you have. Choose healthy fast food which can help to maintain stable health, remove toxins and aid digestion. Balance your health with healthy food.

Here some healthy fast food options for lunch.

  1. If fast food restaurants offer a variety of portion sizes, choose the smallest portion. As an example of the large size hamburger with 2 slices of bacon has approximately 800 calories and 40 grams of fat. Alternatively you can order a small child or a portion hamburger. You can cut 200-300 calories.
  2. Choose a healthier side dish, for example order french fries. You can order a salad or boiled potatoes. You can also add fruits and vegetables into your diet.
  3. Go green; when you order a salad, you can add grilled chicken, shrimp or vegetables with a choice of low-fat. Be careful with extra cheese, pieces of meat and bread because it will increase your calories quickly. Salad can be fast food options for your lunch. Even if you only eat a salad without additional sauce, calories in it are only 300 calories. So choose the right fast food for your lunch options.

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